Health Insurance

JMHC, Inc. provides health insurance for all employees through Blue Cross/Blue Shield. The employee cost is covered 100% by the company; however, employees may choose to add dependent coverage at his or her own expense.  The waiting period for health insurance is 30 days plus the first of the month.


Dental, Vision and Term Life Insurance

Every employee eligible for health insurance is also provided a dental and vision option. The company pays 100% of the cost of life insurance in an amount determined by his or her work classification. 


We're the Best Campaign

This campaign is designed to provide our employees with an in-the-office financial counseling and goal setting meeting.  Any employee who is employed by the company for longer than 2 years is eligible to participate in the monthly lottery and receive a $1,000 award.  This campaign is designed to encourage our employees to be financially sound.  Each award winner receives a goal setting and financial counseling meeting. 



JMHC, Inc. is committed to help our employees to move forward to accumulate savings for retirement.  In addition to each employee's pre-tax contribution, JMHC will offer a discretionary employer-match to the fund through profit-sharing each year.