Health Insurance

JMHC, Inc. provides health insurance for all employees through United HealthCare. The employee cost is covered 100% by the company; however, employees may choose to add dependent coverage at his or her own expense.

The waiting period for health insurance is 30 days plus the first of the month.

To find a physician in your area, please click the link below and search the Choice HMO / Choice Plus HMO health plan.


Term Life Insurance

Every employee eligible for health insurance is provided life insurance in an amount determined by his or her work classification.  The company pays 100% of the cost of this coverage. 



The JMHC Employee Retirement Plan is designed to provide our employees with the retirement and other benefits. Any employee who is employed by the company is eligible to participate in the plan. Contributions to the plan are determined by the Board of Directors and are based on the company's financial status. Employees are not permitted to contribute any of their own money to the plan. Once a year each eligible employee receives a plan statement showing the status of their account.


Continuing Education

JMHC endorses and encourages continuing education for all employees. To be eligible for this benefit, an individual must be employed on a full-time basis for at least one (1) year. JMHC provides refunds for part of your expenses incurred while increasing your knowledge and job skills through courses taken at a recognized school. To qualify for this educational aid, you must secure approval of the course before you actually begin classes. When you satisfactorily complete a course or a semester's work, submit your receipts and school record indicating the successful completion of the course to the Administrative Office and you will receive your refund.


Christmas Gathering

From the inception of the company, JMHC has celebrated Christmas with our employees and their families by having a Christmas gathering. We come together to share a meal, play together and to give gifts to our employees and their children. This is a special time of fellowship for all.


Dependent Scholarships

At JMHC, we are committed to investing in the future. We provide a $1,000 scholarship to each employee's dependent who is enrolled in college. It is our belief that receiving a higher education today ensures a better opportunity in the future.